Shadows of the Dragon

Searching the Karak Lode

After taking a quick break to recover from the ghastly attacks of the berbalang, the four adventurers and their new comrade Galen proceeded to search the basement for the elemental portal. They found a jail area with 1 man in a cell who had 7 canaries flying around him. The party let the man out of the cell and attempted to question him, but he would only respond with nods and got bored with the party easily. He then proceeded to direct his canaries in song.

The party gave up trying to extract more information from the crazy old man and decided to explore the rest of the fortress instead. Heading back up the stairs, the party headed back to the central courtyard where they suspected a nest of harpies might be. Opening the door to the central courtyard a large sand pile was in front of them. Tor walked carefully around the sand pile on the lookout for harpies. Suddenly a tentacle shot out of the sand pile and attempted to grab Tor. Rolen reacted quickly and sent two arrows through the doorway and severed the tentacle from the body below. Out of the sand pile a tentacled beast dripping saliva emerged from the depths. Tor and Dungard stood their ground as the creature lashed out. Attracted by all noise, the feared Harpies made their entrance with a bone jarring shriek. While the rest of the party was dazed from the fearsome shriek, luckily Rolen was out of range and started unloading arrows into the flying Harpies. Realizing that Rolen was out of range, the harpies started using their alluring song to pull the party closer to the harpies so they could claw them to pieces. With a couple more solid hits from Tor and Dungard the Carrion Crawler fell and the party was able to focus on killing the harpies before they were eaten alive. Rolen and Xavier continued to shoot the harpies whenever they had a chance while Tor and Dungard whipped their magical javelins. Even Galen contributed by whipping his daggers from behind cover. The harpies were no match for the party and quickly fell to the ground dead.

A glint caught Rolen’s eye and he pulled a small nondescript chest from the sand pile. inside was a map of orienteering and 4 teacups. They seemed valuable, so they decided to keep them and gave them to Galen for safe keeping.



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