Galen Marek

John Galen is a dual pc/npc who joins the party during their foray into the mines of Karak. Galen looks up to and follows the PCs as they adventure in the Elsir vale and beyond, seeing them as mentors and heroes. Galen’s character is played jointly by the DM and the PCs in battle, switching control for fights depending on the DM’s other duties.

When he first joins the party Galen is at the character’s level -4 but as they characters progress and interact with him his level gets closer to the PC’s. The following list reveals events that cause Galen to become closer to the PCs. Only discovered events are listed.

  1. Defeat Queen Shepitiah and have at least one interaction during a rest with any PC.
  2. Interact with each PC at least once during downtime

When ever Galen levels up he gains a single talent point. These talent points are cumulative and can be spent by the party on various upgrades for Galen. Galen starts with 4 talent trees, one for each party member. In order to purchase a talent from a talent tree, Galen must spend the requisite number of points and possess all previous talents in the tree. Thus to purchase a tier 4 power Galen must spend 4 talent points and possess the tier 1, 2 and 3 powers from that tree.

Galen’s Current Talent Points: 1
h2. Talent Trees

Galen Marek

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